Precise contacting on Printed Circuits Boards or Wafers

Micropositioners | Probe Positioners | Manipulators | Micromanipulators

The task of picking-up (mostly) electrical signals from a circuitry and taking it safely to an instrument for analysis and visualization is best done with the aid of a fine-mechanical implement for precise positioning and maintaining of the contact.

Applications for such implements can be found in the testing of modern PCBs as well as R&D of circuits on semiconductor wafers. If you happen to have a steady hand it may be (just about) feasible to place a solitary probe on some common place of an electronic circuit board. Due to the smaller scale of circuits on-wafer it is not only advisable but a necessity to contact with the aid of a mechanical positioner.

In the industry such accessories are called :

  • Micropositioners
  • Probe-Positioners
  • Manipulators or sometimes
  • Micro-Manipulators

We will call them Micropositioners.

They can be categorized as follows:

  • Cost-effective Micropositioners for everyday tasks in waferprobing as well as electronics
  • Mid-Range Micropositioners offering precision and versatility
  • High performance Micropositioners for highest precision in demanding on-wafer applications
  • RF and uW Micropositioner are used in specialized applications with co-planar probes

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